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What Questions Should You Ask Potential Professional Tax Consultants

October 24, 2017

As summer ends and autumn begins, one can naturally conclude that the holiday season is just around the corner. Yes, chestnuts will be roasting on an open fire and city sidewalks will be dressed in holiday style before we know it. But that also means that another time if year will be here before we know it; tax season.

It seems hard to believe that we should be already considering how best to file our 2017 taxes, but trust us, when it comes to tax season, it never hurts to be prepared. There’s nothing worse than looking at the calendar, realizing it’s the end of March, and not having a solid plan about how to file your taxes accurately and in a timely fashion.

Unlike the upcoming holiday season, tax season is a time of year that causes stress for many people, and we understand that filing your taxes can be overwhelming and time consuming. Luckily, hiring a professional consultant to file your taxes for you is a convenient, accurate and affordable option.

While hiring a consultant is an outstanding solution, you have to feel confident that you are hiring the right consultant. Fortunately, there are a few questions that you can be asking your prospective consultant before you hire them.

Here are a few of our recommended questions you should ask a professional tax consultant before you agree to hire them.

What Has Been Your Biggest Success as a Consultant?

Their answer to this question is up to you to determine if that is “correct” or not. Their answer should align with your personal goals and successes as well, so you can understand if their financial priorities are also yours. A formulaic answer will not give you a sense of how they agree with your philosophies.


Are you a Specialist in Your Area?

Sometimes, when someone refers to themselves as a specialist, it can be a code that rather than a unique specialist, they really are just mimicking what their competition is doing. The correct answer to this question is that they are a generalist—this means they can pull ideas from other types of business while incorporating their original thoughts to make your collaboration successful.

How do You Think You can Help Me?

This should be the last question that you should ask a potential tax consultant, and we hope that you get a fairly detailed response that is specific to you and your finances. If you sense that you are getting a very generic answer, that should be a signal to you that they may not be taking your personal needs seriously.

Don’t let the stress of the upcoming tax season overwhelm you; if this is a time of year you dread, take that burden off of yourself and consider hiring a professional tax consultant. But before you do hire a service, take the due diligence and ask the appropriate questions to ensure they are right for you.

Tax & Business Consultants are your trustworthy experts when it comes to filing your state and federal taxes correctly and affordably.  Call us today at 402-426-4144 or email us at nradloff@rvrco.net to discuss how we can help you plan for the upcoming tax season.

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